College Rules

Identity card

Student should avail their college Identity Card just after their admission. Identity Card is compulsory for every student and they should keep it with them inside the campus .

Students will only be eligible to use Library , Laboratory , Sports facility and other college facilities only after showing their Identity Card . This card will also be used to operate Bank Account and to get Scholarship and Railway Concession.

Important Direction for students

1. Student should take care of subject selected during admission. Department will not be changed further. Absence for two months will lead to cancellation of Registration and guardian will be informed.

2. Change in subject will not be done.

3. Mobile phones are prohibited on the college campus.

4. Indiscipline act is restricted inside and outside the campus.

5. Student should not enter into staff room and principal office without permission.

6. Alcohol, tobacco product, cigarette/ biri and any drugs are prohibited on the campus.

7. The act of being absent in class and present in campus is against the college disciplinary norm.

8. Destruction, spoilation and misuse of college property or garden are punishable offence here.

9. Obstructing class is punishable offence.

10. Students are restricted to come in or go out of class without permission of the concerned teacher.

11. Roaming on campus here and there without purpose is prohibited.

12. Proxy attendance is punishable offence.

13. Disobedient behaviors are intolerable.

14. Polluting the campus or parking in no parking area is restricted.

15. Coming with external person in classroom or examination hall is punishable offence.

16. For any assistance students should contact their department head or Incharge.

17. Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory to attend the examination of university.This is to follow the strict and clear rule of university.

18. Registration / admission will be concluded or transfer certificate will be issued to student absent for 90 days.

19. There could be extra classes during vacation, and presence of students is compulsory in such tutorial classes.

20. There will be two terminal exams during a year.