The foundation of M.L.S.M. College witnessed historic beginning under the patronage of Rajkumar Shubheshwar Singh, popularly known as Kumar-Saheb and the dynamic team of eminent scholars and social workers. They initiated positive measures and worked tirelessly towards objectives, and as a result, the college came to its historic establishment in June-July of 1979.

It was at the residence of Dr. T.N. Jha, G.M. Road, Darbhanga, a host of educationists, scholars and social workers of Darbhanga and catchment areas sat together and decided to establish a college with modern concepts of education world. Dr. Baidyanath Choudhary, a social activist, was made Secretary to regulate desired steps and tailor viable shape of institution. The idea was cherished with naming the institution as Maharaj Lakshmishwar Singh Memorial College to commemorate the contributions of Maharaj Lakshmishwar Singh who struggled his whole life for Indian freedom, social reforms, and spreading of true knowledge amidst people.

The college, with an illustrious past, emerged as one of the prestigious colleges of L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga by the order of Govt.of Bihar in 1986. Thanks to the selfless devotion of its outstanding and accountable teaching and non-teaching employees that this college soon attained prominence among yearning students for higher studies.

The college, armed with the perception of ”SAVIDYA YA VIMUKED”,has already marched long steps of development and excellence. It is now famed for qualified teaching faculty, good result of students, regular and punctual classes, involvement of teachers and students towards conducive teaching-learning mechanism promoting innovative academic activities and fostering discipline and harmony on campus, etc. Concerted efforts are being made to turn this institution a genuine center of education and reach it as a recognized identity on national scale.